Financial entities are intermediaries for and perform transactions for the large majority of funds for businesses, specific and domestic economies, and also public administrations. They are therefore a pillar of the current economic system with a strong need for security at all levels.

Statistically, the losses per hour for services failures are the highest in all productive sectors, the majority of which affect stock market activities and are not as expensive if they are minor activities, such as daily branch activity.

Losses due to fire:

  • Wounds and human lives.
  • Irrecoverable information (possible legal consequences).
  • Replacement of material property and equipment.
  • Productivity, for failures due to clean up, repair or resumption tasks.

Security plans for bank branches, asset managers insurance managers, etc., require maximum and up-to-date stability, according to the latest advances in each case to avoid unexpected and malicious damages that affect the safety of their employees or activities.


RG Systems features the latest advances in fire protection using water mist, highly recommended for its coverage and different uses that specifically affect the work of a financial entity: offices, DPC, surveillance, archives, safe deposit boxes, etc. It also has a number of quality certifications and approvals from wellknown independent international bodies.