The water mist system is adapted with the aim of protecting a vast number of applications in the most varied activity sectors. Their capacity to adapt the system for the control, suppression or extinguishing of fires provides guaranteed protection for people, goods and even buildings/structures.

They constitute the most advanced protection for:

TOTAL FLOODING: Offices, Departments, Meetings Rooms, Files,  Work Spaces, Historical Buildings, Hospitals, Laboratories, Cleaning Rooms, Hotels, Schools, Banks, Financial Entities, Commercial Shopping Centers, Stores, Factories, Telecommunication Centers, CPDs, Computer Rooms, Robotized Parks,  Highway Tunnels, Galleries, Cable Conduits, Public Buildings, Corridors, Train Stations, Bus and Transport Interchanges, Train boxcars, Metros or Trams, Airports, Baggage storage rooms,  Religious Centers and spaces, Factories, Production areas, Sport Facilities, Technological & Research Centers, Cultural Centers, Public Buildings, Public Works, Ski stations, Clubs and Events Rooms, Vehicle Repair Shops, Laundries, Synthetic Floors and Roofs.

And many more

LOCAL APPLICATION:   Transformers, Turbines, Generators, Mechanical Stairways, Paint Booths, Kitchen hoods, Aero-generators, Locomotives, Chairlifts and Draglifts, Cable cars, Extraction Conduits, Hydraulic Pits, Production Center Machines, Boiler Rooms, Electrogen Groups , Printing Machine Trays , Elevator Machines  and Elevators, Machinery for lifts and hoists, Climate Equipment, Machinery Belts, Inflammable Liquids  

And many others

The most frequent causes of fires are:   ​ 

  • Electric shortcomings 
  • Mechanical shortcomings 
  • Overheating for excess of speed in machinery 
  • Accumulation of dirt or oils next to hot surfaces 
  • Maintenance works 
  • Rays 
  • Forest fires