RG Systems has a wide portfolio of nozzles. Each one is designed to fulfill the most rigorous protocols of quality for the various systems. The flow and covering angles are selected based on the needs of the risk. Each nozzle model has different:  

  • Spacing

  • Maximum height.

  •  Factor k (l/min·bar0,5) 

  • Work pressure



Mouth-size nebulizers for total flooding of the room. They are installed in flood systems and provide a homogeneous discharge in the room. The discharge is direct once the detection equipment has been activated. 

They consist of a bolster manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, i.e. where the micro-nozzles are installed. These may vary in number from 4 to 6 depending on the flow required for protection.



These nozzles are the most basic within the product range of RG-Systems nozzles. They are specially made to be incorporated into risk situations in reduced spaces. They provide a direct discharge on the area of risk by means of local application. Their most frequent uses are mechanical stairways, kitchen hoods, and synthetic floors and roofs. 

Their flow is also variable based on the hazard.




The closed-nozzle nebulizers possess a thermal bulb in the lower section. With this mechanism, they can be adopted in various fire extinguishing situations to act as detectors within the system - humid pipes -, to achieve selective discharges – for pre-action systems - or to provide double confirmation before the activation of the systems that have an electrical detection mechanism.

These bulbs can be designed to break to different temperatures based on the hazard and the chosen system. 

The nozzles are made in AISI 304 stainless steel, and can utilize 4 to 6 micro-nozzles based on the required flow.


Our nebulizer nozzles with pneumatic openings are the result of technological developments based on a complete and autonomous extinguishing by the anti-fire system. These nozzles are used in hazard situations where the single nozzle acts as a detector. With the break in their thermal bulb, the equipment is activated. It facilitates a discharge with two options: through the rest of diffusors of the room, or selectively. This depends on the configuration, which is designed in advance according to the area of risk.



The AV-EMM adaptor keeps the nozzle hidden, making its use ideal in prisons or in places that tend to be vandalized, or where illegal acts might be perpetrated against personal property. 

It possesses the capacity of camouflaging the nozzle while it is not being used. 

Once the pressure of water reaches the nozzle, the extension and opening mechanism is activated.

Tested with real fires for each type of hazard


The micro-nozzles are utilized in each element, and are based on the flow that is required for protection. 


The nozzles are easily installed thanks to their adapters, and direct tes, etc.