RG Systems provide pipes that are required to successfully complete any mist water installation. We also provide our clients with the largest range of diameters - with the aim of optimizing installation: 12, 16, 25, 30 and 38 mm and up to 4" (*). 

* For other diameters, please consult RG Systems.



Manufactured by RG Systems, these are used to control the flow to branches of smaller diameter by primarily using a main collector. They are specifically adapted to each pipe diameter required by the installation and its multiple combinations. They are equal to crossings or reduced tes, thus facilitating the installation process.



Simplify the assemblage of the system by means of their adaptability and rapid collocation. They can be used to directly link the discharge nozzle, or an adapter. This system is adapted for the rapid prefabrication of in-situ feeders and subsequent assembly work, thus facilitating the placement of any nozzles in synthetic roofs and floors-thanks to the installation of a tube tract and its final coupling by means of split wedges connected to a nozzle, or an adapter connected to a nozzle.



These are installed between the pipe and the diffusor. Their function consists of facilitating installation and maintenance, and improving the aesthetic aspect of the installation. They are joined to the pipe by means of a connection using split wedges that guarantee total tightness.


RG Systems guarantee the installation of convenient and simple installation for all projects.