RG water mist systems obtains VdS certification for cable tunnels protection

RG water mist systems have obtained the VdS certification for cable tunnel protection. This certification requires high standards of quality and effectivenessthat RG Water Mist systems have successfully overcome.

A cable tunnel can have lengths that can reach several kilometers and a fire in these areas can be very violent. They are usually found underground and in basements, which it means that there are very few access routes and in the event of a fire, they frequently become smokestacks through which the smoke exits and enormously difficult the extinguishing works.

These tunnels contain the wiring for power supply, so a fire affecting these areas can leave a facility out of service or working precariously for days or even weeks.

Due to the complexity of accessing with manual means to the source of fire, it is highly recommended the installation of automatic extinguishing systems. Due to the dimensions and routes, the use of gaseous agents is dismissed. Sprinklers would be a good option, but they can generate a second problem such as water damage and its subsequent extraction (the water damage can be as great as the fire damage); therefore RG water mist systems, which achieve extinguishing with a minimum amount of water, become the most effective systems for this application.

Thanks to RG Systems' commitment to quality in all of its products designing and manufacturing, RG W-FOG water mist equipment adds a new approval to its long list of prestigious certifications such as FM, VdS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Lloyd's Register, Dubai Civil Defense, SINTEF or VTT.

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